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" she said. "I want to know what is the meaning of all this mystery. I have seen eno

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ugh baggage leave the house to supply us with all we want for a season in Scotland. When I asked my maid what she was doing, she simply said that she had been instructed by the housekeeper to get my things ready. Of course, I raised no

objection, but I should certainly like to know


what it all means." Walter looked a trifle embarrassed. He had quite forgotten that Vera might show a natural curiosity. "We ar

e going away for a little time," he explained. "The fact of the matt

er is, your guardian has not been at all well lately. But you must have noticed that for yourself. He has had a great deal to try hi

m, too, and he is afraid of a breakdown. We are going to Weymouth direct from Lo

rd Ringmar's House, and not a soul is to know anything about it. You see, if we stay and make elaborate preparations, it will take q

uite a week to make a start. It is far better to let people know afterwards th


at Lord Ravenspur has been ordered away peremptorily, and that he is to have per

fect rest for the next month or so. Only I can't sufficiently impress upon you the necessity of keeping this thing absolutely secret." "Even from Lady Ringmar?" Vera cried. "From everybody," Walter said, somewhat sternly. "Vera, your guardian is in great danger. You are in great danger yourself. I dare not tell you more now, but perhaps I shall be permitted to say it later on.

Go about your business or pleasure to-day just


further questions. She was perhaps just a little hurt that Walter had refused to take her into his confidence. At the same time, she was young and vigorous, and the thought of a change was not displeasing. She passed out of the house presently with a view to a walk in the park. She stopped before a feeble, blind old man who was dolefully grinding out hymns on a dilapidated organ. A boy of some ten or twelve year


s was guiding the unfortunate man along the pavement. Vera took out her purse, and placed a shilling in the little tin cup which the boy was carrying. "I have not seen you here before," she said kindly. The man murmured something to the effect that this was his first day with the organ. He seemed uneasy and undecided in his manner, and, naturally enough, Vera put this down to the strangeness of his surroundings. Then she hastened on to the park, and the little incident passed from her mind. Sh

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